How to find High Quality CCTV Camera Price in Pakistan | 2mp, 4mp

For security purpose, most people are now looking for security camera installation services in their homes and offices. Just few years ago, installing CCTV cameras was considered as an expensive and lengthy process, however, now companies in the surveillance business are introducing surveillance and CCTV cameras in affordable prices with easy DIY installation. The overall wring has been reduced to such an extent that even a layman can install the camera on his own, this means that the installation charges can be minimized, which will help the user to reduce the price of overall CCTV camera price in Lahore.

Why you need High Quality CCTV Camera

For the safety purpose, no matter how much budget you have, you can always rely on quality. This means that while buying a CCTV camera you need to keep in mind few things. This include good resolution, affordability, lens, bitrate, smoothness of the video and details. Additionally, maintenance will also impact the selection of the CCTV cameras, with more wiring and different type of equipment, more care will be required for keeping the camera running.

With high quality camera you will get better pictures which will save you a lot of money. If the footage is good, you can use it not only for claiming insurance but also helping the police in case you want to report any crime. With blur of vague picture quality, you might need mor work to go through details and sometimes people hire digital artists to increase the resolution of the video later which can be very expensive. It is advanced that the user can simply take a stable decision and set the budget as this will be a long-time investment. Right now, in market we have camera with better solutions and better lens to make sure that picture quality is better.

For someone looking to buy CCTV cameras in Pakistan, it is very important to know about types of cameras available in Pakistan along with the prices and their specs. With the help of all this information, user can easily buy CCTV cameras in Pakistan according to the CCTV camera price in Lahore.

Types of CCTV Cameras

There are mainly two types of CCTV cameras available globally. This includes analogue camera and IP camera and they are further divided into outdoor and indoor cameras. There are two main companies that make CCTV cameras, this includes Hikvision and Duaha. If we compare CCTV camera price in Lahore, we can see that it lands in favor of Hikvision as they produce affordable CCTV cameras. Also, among these two leading brands, Hikvision has managed to provide better specs, improved features and more lens options which gives the user an open opportunity to select from a huge range. One thing that mainly impacts the price of a camera is the installation and maintenance. If user buys IP cameras, he can easily install it without any issue because IP camera now has fewer wires and easier installation system. 

If you are familiar with the aim of surveillance and how security companies work, you might know how important is the resolution of a camera. We have companies that make 1mp, 2mp, 4mp, 6mp, 8mp and even 46mp cameras for the surveillance and security purpose. As, it is quite evident that 4mp camera is defiantly better in resolution than 2mp but it will be affordable so most people like to buy 2mp cameras instead. To see how this impacts the resolution and overall picture quality or if investing in 4mp camera for long run is better, we will compare 2mp and 4mp cameras along with 2 and 4mp CCTV camera price in Lahore.

Resolution Comparison

There is no specific standard format for 4-megapixel resolution however, usually IP cameras with 4mp resolution have 2688x1520 pixels. Surveillance cameras are designed to be 1/3-inch 4mp with CMOS image sensors. Comparing this we have 2mp with just two times detailed with 1080p that is considered as full HD. This is quite obvious that the resolution of 4mp is far better.

4mp or 1080p

If we compare both cameras on the base of detail in image, we can simple see that 4-megapixel image has almost double the detail of 1080p image or 2mp. The cost on the other hand is just a little higher and if the user gets an IP camera and install it without any help, the price will somehow be almost same. One of the major reasons most people usually avoid using 4mp is that they want good resolution and detail in picture but they also require better network bandwidth and storage. Of course, this increase will cost more and impact the overall price so, people usually compare 2mp CCTV camera price in Lahore with 4mp and end up getting 2mp.

Why Chose 4mp?

If we compare 4mp CCTV camera price in Lahore with 2mp, we can see that the price of 2mp is lower however there are few pros that can convince anyone to buy a 4mp surveillance camera as compared to 2mp.  4mp has better resolution and if compared to 1080, we can say that it has two times better detailing. Additionally, the maintaining aspect ratio of the 4mp camera is 16:9 and this camera is supported by HDTV display which mean clearer picture. Overall if you are looking for better picture quality especially if you want top read the number plate of vehicles passing by, 4mp camera is defiantly better.

Why chose 2mp?

Comparatively if we talk about picture quality no on wants 2mp camera however, there are few reasons most people still like to get 2mp camera for their home surveillance. With 2mp camera bandwidth is required as normal and this means that video storage space is also not required too much. To decode a 4mp camera footage high performance device are required, this includes HDTV display or NVR. The overall cost of the equipment is high because both front-end and back-end along with rising and adapter will be different. The only problem that the user might face is the low light performance otherwise everything else is better and economical in 2mp camera.